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Diesel, Auto Repair & Preventive Maintenance

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About Rollin Diesel

Rollin Diesel is a family owned and operated business that was formally founded in March of 2018 as a part time operation. What started out as a hobby for owner, Brandon Mattingly quickly turned into a passion.

From working on the vehicles of associates in his garage with a friend quickly transferred into the full-blown operation you see today. Brandon made the decision in July of 2020 to make their dreams a reality and turning the business into a full time operation.

It was not easy to get where we are today as there were many stepping-stones(including the tragic loss of one of the founding members) but, we are thankful to each family member, friend and customer who helped turn our dreams into reality.

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Our experienced mechanics are devoted to providing superior service and repairs to all vehicles but, with a strong focus on diesels.

Brandon - Owner | 215-588-5813 | rollindiesel@outlook.com
Meet the Owner! The man behind the vision for Rollin Diesel is owner, Brandon Mattingly. Ever since he was a child Brandon loved working with his hands and figuring out how things work. It was an easy choice for Brandon to attend Bucks County Technical High School where his focus was automotive technology. To complete his school requirements Brandon completed many co-op opportunities, to which he is thankful for each, as they helped him pave the way for his success today. Although throughout his employment history Brandon always kept busy with side jobs, he knew it was time to settle down. As Brandon took a dive into the workforce in attempts to find his perfect fit, he landed at McCafferty Ford in Langhorne as a mechanic. It was during this time Brandon learned of his true love for diesel, as from the next bay over, he admired the work of a co-worker and friend, the late Walter S. Brandon took a job with a private company to be more hands on to a specific fleet, where his experience only grew his diesel knowledge and led him to an opportunity with SEPTA, where he worked on a majority of the company’s fleet from trucks to heavy equipment. It was not long until SEPTA noticed his potential and offered him a management position.

As Brandon was moving up in the company, he could not help but feel something was missing. With the weird hours he was working, Brandon continued to complete side work with the help of some friends and cousin Mike. As the work continued to come, the side work turned into a full business before their eyes, which they named Rollin Diesel in 2018. The work continued to come which required they rent some space which quickly outgrew, it was at this time, in 2019 (as Covid started to make its debut) Brandon and his team decided it was time to turn their side gig into the American dream and the business began its full-time journey that people come to rely on today.

Brandon prides his company, the same way he prides himself, on honesty and loyalty. You will find that Brandon not only holds employees to a high standard but, himself and the company are too. Rollin Diesel prides itself on being a one stop shop and being able to fix any issue thrown their way.
Dave - CFO/COO/VP Sales | 267-799-9351 | d.mattingly@outlook.com
Dave worked at CGX for 35 years, where he later committed to helping his son with growing his business. Throughout his life, Dave ran multi-million dollar companies across the country where he would take struggling companies and make them profitable again. He is Rollin’s CFO, COO, and VP of sales. Dave is very committed and determined to help his son Brandon deliver their customers the most superior services to all their customers.
Branden | Service Manager | 215-330-8731 | rollindiesel@outlook.com
Branden is the one who will always pleasantly greet you when you come into our shop! Branden is our service manager who makes sure our customers concern for their vehicle is our top priority. He started his career at Caliper Collision being a shop manager for 3 years. He is now the glue that hold us together here at Rollin. We wouldn’t know what we would do without him!
Bella | Marketing Manager | rollindieselmarketing@outlook.com
Bella is currently studying marketing at West Chester University where she is also a Volunteer Firefighter for West Chester Fire Department and Northampton Fire Department. She began her career by running a social media account for her mother’s business when she was in high school. Here at Rollin Diesel she is our Marketing Manager where she creates all our Tik Tok content and runs the social media. She also designs the merchandise at which you can purchase here at our shop!
Walt: 1985-2022 | Gone too soon but never forgotten
Although he passed away due to Covid complications in January of 2022, Rollin Diesel WOULD NOT be the shop it is today without one of its most valuable past employees, Walter. The son of an automotive shop owner and mechanic, you would say that he was born into the trade. Walt, who met Brandon at McCafferty Ford of Langhorne, was a Ford Master Tech who made a brief transfer to Septa, before making his way back to Ciocca Ford. The person who helped lead Brandon to his passion for diesel quickly became more than an employee but a friend and one of the same people who helped push Rollin Diesel to the next level by becoming its first ever full time employee. Giving up the dealership life to help a friend reach his dream, just shows the kind of person Walt was. There was nothing that Walt was given that he was unable to fix. His absence has left a hole in the shop that can never be filled and he will always be remembered at Rollin Diesel.

Meet Our Mechanics

Mike - Shop Foreman
Mike completed his Automotive degree at Lincoln Technical Institute where shortly after started his career working at Peruzzi Nissan Dealership when he was 18 years old. As young teenagers Brandon and him would spend their free time in Daves garage where they would buy and sell used cars and trucks. Mike has been with Brandon since the very beginning helping grow the business. He is now our shop foreman here at Rollin continuing to help grow the business every day. Mike is certified in AC Refrigerant, Emissions and State Inspection and is Nissan and Ford certified.
Sammy started turning wrenches at his Fathers road sweeping business which was the start to his heavy equipment career. He has over 10 years of Diesel and one off equipment experience. Sammy has been with Rollin Diesel since they had their first shop back in Croydon. Here at Rollin he is our on-site mechanic and will be there when you call our 24 hour service truck.
Jack is another one of our hardworking mechanics with over 7 years of experience in Heavy Duty Trucks, Trailers and Equipment. He studied to become a Diesel Mechanic at Universal Technical Institute where he then started his career at National Tire and Battery. Later went to a Peterbilt International Dealership. Here at Rollin he does most of our fabrication and welding work where he also specializes in clutches, transmissions, and suspensions. Jack is certified in AC refrigerant, ASE and is International Truck certified.
With over 5 years of experience, Shane studied at Bucks County Technical High School and later began his career at a shop in Croydon. He is now one our Heavy Duty Technicians and we couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like him on our team!
Studying to be a Diesel Mechanic at Bucks County Technical High School, Ray has over 7 years of experience where he first started at RSC and is now continuing his career with us at Rollin. He is very passionate about his work ethic and loves to keep our customers vehicles Rollin!
Jimmy studied as a Diesel Mechanic in Upper Bucks County where he has 6 years of Diesel experience. Jimmy’s first mechanic job was at Leck Waste Services. Here at Rollin we appreciate the hard work and passion he brings to the team! He is also State and Inspection Certified.